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Ulitme8 is a local online platform that enables customers and local merchants to connect with each other. We at Ulitme8, work hard to bring your world, closer to you. Whether it's buying branded merchandise or just a normal product or just uncovers your town personally, Ulitme8 makes it happen for you.

Ulitme8 also offers its merchants a powerful platform that enables customers, in and around their society, to easily discover their businesses.

We help you discover, purchase and share exciting local experiences around you.

How it works?


Amazing deals and discounts at various local merchants around you.


Easily and securely, using LOOKSBOAT discount card, coupon code, and LOOKSBOAT cash.


The service by simply showing the voucher, submitting the coupon code or using LOOKSBOAT cash.

Benefits of LOOKSBOAT for Local small vendors

  • The main benefit of LOOKSBOAT is the number of customers it will bring to the local market vendor. They will have the chance to attract buyers through lower prices, which is something many customers look for.
  • With LOOKSBOAT, local vendors can get their product or service in front of people who are unfamiliar with what their business has to offer.
  • Local vendors will be able to use Ultime8to build a long-term relationship.

Benefits of LOOKSBOAT


  • Attracts a lot of consumers: An opportunity to find new customers who are looking for inexpensive deals and discount. They get to charge lower prices to new customers who aren't willing to pay more.
  • Advertises your business: Promotion can introduce business to consumers who are not aware of its existence. LOOKSBOAT encourages customers to try your goods by providing discounts and cash backs. If they like what they try they will come back to buy again. LOOKSBOAT advertises merchant's business to max out an interest to attract more customers.
  • Helps flow of inventory: LOOKSBOAT helps sell slow moving goods or unutilized services. Discounts are most attractive for merchants with low cost of goods sold.
  • Builds relationship: LOOKSBOAT provides promotional deals for building relationships with customers rather than creating one-time buys. It's recommended to offer a specialized discount for different products or services, instead of offering discounts on a total bill.
  • Generates progressive revenue: LOOKSBOAT enables merchants to estimate their costs, figure out the price that attracts customers as well as the number of customer, and, consequently, generate progressive revenues.


  • Money saver: A consumer price deal saves the buyer money when a product is purchased. The main types of price deals include discounts, deals, cash backs, and coupons. LOOKSBOAT encourages customers to buy products on which they can save money by availing price deals.
  • New products at discounted prices: Market competition has always confused the consumer on which product to use or which brand to choose. This always leads the consumer buying cheaper product in comparison to others. LOOKSBOAT provides discounted prices so that customers can try various new products without any hesitation of spending more.
  • Additional Cash backs: Customers can avail various price deals and discounts through LOOKSBOAT, but the icing on the cake is the additional cash back facility. When a customer avails any deal or discount, LOOKSBOAT provides particular percentage of cash back on every transaction.
  • Upload receipt
    1) Take pictures of your receipts used at various merchants'.
    2) Earn LOOKSBOAT cash
    3) Use this LOOKSBOAT cash to shop more.