1. How can we join LOOKSBOAT.com?

Download LOOKSBOAT.com App on your Android phone – register yourself. You will get 50 UCB Points in your LOOKSBOAT wallet.

2. What is Cash back?

Cash back is a reward point called UCB Points (LOOKSBOAT Cash Back Points) which you will get from local city shops.

3. How much UCB Points will I get from local shops?

Its depends on shops. On paying bill amount, the LOOKSBOAT associated merchant will give you cash back and transfer cash back to your LOOKSBOAT wallet. You may get 1% to 100% cash back against the bill amount.

4. How will merchant transfer cash back to my LOOKSBOAT wallet?

You just give him your registered mobile number. Merchant will transfer cash back. You will get SMS immediately to confirm transferred cash back amount. You can check your LOOKSBOAT wallet.

5. What is cash back coupon?

Some associated merchants will give you cash back coupon instead of direct transfer Cash back. Open LOOKSBOAT.com site, login yourself, in menu, open coupon & voucher link. Select coupon – enter coupon number. Coupon amount will be added in your wallet.

6. What is the value of LOOKSBOAT point?

It is 1 rupee = UCB Point when Redeem.

7. Where can we use or redeem these UCB Points?

Login your account – select redeem option – you will see all categories where you can use your cash back.

8. How much cash back can I use?

Select your desired merchant/shop. You can see offer given by merchants. Just active voucher – you will get voucher number. Go to that shop – give him voucher no. Get discount voucher amount.

9. Can we get cash back or redeem cash back in other cities also?

Yes. We are going to establish our business on Pan India . you can get all facilities everywhere.

10. What is refer & earn?

Open App – go to refer & earn – invite Your family and friends. You and your referral person will get extra 50 UCB Points for each referral for his/her registration with LOOKSBOAT.com.

11. Is there any validity of UCB points?

There is no validity. You can use your UCB Points as discount when you want.

12. Can we transfer or gift these UCB Points to others?

Yes. These UCB Points can be transfer or gift to your family and friends.

13 . Is this membership card is for rich people who frequently visit big shops?

This membership card is not only for rich people. LOOKSBOAT membership card covers all range of people, big and small vendors of entire market. There are discounts and privileges for everyone.

14 . What should I do if a merchant does not recognize/honour my membership?

All merchants are in written agreement with us and have agreed to honour your membership. It is an unusual event. If any such event occurs, please contact us immediately at 079 613 43 613.

15. How many times can I use UCB Points to save?

You can use your UCB Points as many times as you wish to.

16. What is the validity of the ultime8 membership card?

One year from the date of registration.

17. Will the card get renewed automatically after a year?

No, you will be notified when your card will expire and you can decide to renew before that time.

18. Will you keep sending me offers and advertisements even when I do not want them?

No, we value your privacy a lot. You can always call us and register for our DNC list.

19. I have a business and want to become a part of LOOKSBOAT money?

Call us at +91-7961343613, or send us an email at info@looksboat.com and one of our executive will get in touch with you at the earliest.

20. Is my personal information sold or shared with third party?

We maintain very high levels of privacy in our systems. Your personal information is secure with us, and will not be sold to any third party without your explicit permission.